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Retiring as an Illinois teacher has many components. Do you have them all covered?

  • If you still have some years left, are you saving for retirement in the best way?
  • If you’re married, have you coordinated retirement strategies and timing with your spouse?
  • Have you researched and decided on your AAI pension refund selection?
  • But most importantly: what does retirement look like for you, and does it have a deliberate design?

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As an AbbVie employee, have you maximized your benefits to secure your best future?

  • Understand the AbbVie 401(k), Deferred Income and Pension plans and how to maximize your savings and investment options.
  • Have you selected the best group insurance options for you and your family?
  • How to use the various AbbVie stock plans to grow your wealth and retire on your timeline.

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If you’re nearing retirement, you might want to read our (almost) complete guide:

  • Learn how your psychology affects the retirement transition and how best to prepare.
  • How should you design your portfolio for retirement?
  • When to take Social Security and avoiding being left without health insurance through simple Medicare mistakes.
  • Understanding if you need Long Term Care insurance and how not to run out of money in retirement.

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If you have a pension and are planning to retire soon, here’s some things to know:

  • How pension elections fit into an overall financial plan.
  • What happens to your pension if your company goes bankrupt?
  • What is “pension maximization” and how can you take advantage of it.
  • How to modify your investment portfolio if you have a pension that will meet most of your retirement income needs.

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